Bristol In My Tears

Double album containing 2 vinyl LPs plus 2 CDs. 25 Euros (plus P+P) ie: Ireland P+P 7 euros Europe P+P 9 euros Non-Europe P+P 15 euros


Listen Now (30 sec Preview)NamePriceBuy
Bristol In My Tears1.00
The Mountain Stream1.00
Four Sons1.00
Hank Williams, Your Cheatin' Heart And Me1.00
Caoineadh Reiltín1.00
Sing Dublin1.00
The Phophet1.00
Hail! Hail! The Goose1.00
Una's Smile1.00
Charlemont Street1.00
Come Kindly Tears And Fall On Slough (2009)1.00
Kate (2002)1.00
New Song Of Hope (2011)1.00
A Time For Leaving (1967)1.00
Don't Hold Me (2014)1.00
Hopeless Case (2013)1.00
The Groves Of Sweet Lough Lan (1982)1.00
Phelan's Phancy (1970)1.00
The Man From The Far Country (1980)1.00
Clifton Bridge1.00
Bristol In My Tears25.00